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Senior Esports Summit Challenge

Right in time for the holidays, Keystone State Games, Inc. and the Keystone Athletics, Recreation, and Esports (K.A.R.E.S.) Community initiative is launching the Esports Challenge component of the Keystone Virtual 5K Run/Walk and Esports Challenge in partnership with Mega Cat Studios and Esports Cities. 


Participate by downloading the K.A.R.E.S. Senior Esports Summit app via the App Store (Apple smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices) and Google Play (Android-based smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices) starting on December 17, 2020 with competition running through January 15, 2021.


Competition consists of trying to get the highest score on each of five games in the app. There is a prize for the high scorers in each of the five games at the end of competition.  We are in this together, and together we will stay active, stay healthy, and stay connected!

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Get into the competitive scene and play a variety of games in order to rise to the top of the summit! Seniors E-Sports Summit offers fun and dynamic games for seniors that still have the fire of competition burning within them!

  • Five games to play from

  • Real Time Leaderboards

  • Dynamically updated leaderboards

  • Interesting and captivating visuals

  • Senior-friendly UX design

  • Well-thought game mechanics for the audience

Simply type Senior Esports Summit into the search on any iOS or Android device and download the Senior Esports Summit game collection for free this month. 

Click Here for a Direct link to the Google Play Store

Click Here for a Direct link to the Apple Store



There are no age limits to who can download the K.A.R.E.S. Senior Esports Summit app or who can participate in the competition through January 15, 2021. This allows children, grandchildren, friends, and caregivers a chance to help, encourage, and connect with seniors through Esports. 

Watch the Senior Esports Tutorial below and start playing today..ALL FOR FREE!!!

AWARDS:  The top 20 finishers in each game will receive a KSG / KARES facemask, the top 10 finishers will receive the facemask and an event t-shirt, and the top three finishers will receive the facemask, t-shirt and a KSG official medal (Gold, silver or bronze based on their place) 

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